Ignorance and lack of knowledge and skills are the main reason for millions living with poor health conditions and suffering the last 10 to 20 years of their life.

These ladies are 80 years young both of them! You chose your health aging level!

Patients must always be treated with a holistic approach and not as a diagnosis. Putting patients at higher risk because a nurse or doctor are not open for more education, are a serious safety issue. It is not possible to force anyone to learn or understand more when there is no motivation. So, the motivation and interest of learning, is the first step.

When should a nurse or doctor be motivated to study online course?

A great principle is, that if you provide health care services or medicine, and you see your client is not moving into a healthier state with increased healing and recovery. You need to motivate yourself to find knowledge that can provide a better outcome. This is an obligation, and you need to be responsible for always providing the highest standard.

When this inner drive is gone, you need to consider looking for a different occupation. And not putting any patients / client’s health and life at risk with your ignorance and lack of skills.

Education is the main key.

With proper knowledge, experience and wisdom, a nurse and doctor can save far more patients.

It is a high demand for doctors and nurses to learn more!

When practicing as a doctor and a nurse, there are an unwritten agreement between you and the patients /clients. You are obligated working to save lives, facilitate so people can recover, going from a disease, ailment, or pain to a healthy state. And, when necessary, to teach people how to prevent diseases.

A Dutch study showed that patients who combined traditional medicine with complementary / alternative treatments methods lived longer. And there was a significant lower mortality in this patient group. GDA education deliver a Medical Trainer course and certificate online to educate, and “upgrade” the skills and knowledge for people working in the field of nursing and medicine.


Global Doctors Association working on technology for nurses, doctors, and other health workers. The system enhances the treatment results and increase the knowledge and understanding for all health workers.

Patients can connect with a nurse, a doctor and personal trainer from the same dashboard. This gives synergy effect and elevates the patients changes of getting well from any diseases and ailments. Increasing the self-motivation, and gives more power and knowledge to the patients.


“Patients whose doctors knows, or practice complementary medicine tend to have lower costs on society, and the patients live longer”

HEALTHY AGING is a commitment and investment we all can and should do!


Lost mobility does not have to be a one-way ticket, with no return. Regain your mobility by learning more from HEALTHY AGING online course.

GDA education have created online courses for all doctors and other health professionals. Especially for nurses, it is important to learn more about more effective treatment methods:

That will improve the quality of patient outcomes

That creates more efficient workflow

That enhance the healing and recovery process

Modern technology and new knowledge have opened incredible opportunities for making people healthier on a new level we never seen before.

Global Doctors Association have just launched an online course module called HEALTHY AGING. Many people are not living their best days when they get older. They are often suffering from reduced health, problem hearing, seeing, walking and sometimes it can be quite some work just to get up from their bed.

“Never tell anyone what they can`t do. Teach them what they can do” teach you levels with a higher quality of life!

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